Important Information

Currency: Bhat

Health requirements:

All travellers are advised to ensure that tetanus and polio vaccinations are kept up to date. Recommendations do change from time to time and it is important to discuss your personal requirements with your doctor.

Top Attractions

  • Take the high road to Spain’s loftiest provisional capital, Ávila.
  • Visit Frank Gehry’s marvelous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.
  • Hike around the picturesque white villages of Cadiz province.
  • Take a boat ride on the largest subterranean lake, Lago Martel.
  • Live and breathe the essence of Moorish Spain in Córdoba.
  • Feel the passion of flamenco throughout Andalucía.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts visit Garajonay National Park.
  • Capture the feeling of ancient Rome among the ruins of Mérida.
  • Discover beautiful Romanesque and Gothic architecture throughout the country.
  • Travel through ancient civilizations at Terra Mítica amusement park.
  • Visit the impressive palace-fortress of Alhambra.
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