Important Information

Currency: Indonesian rupiah

Health requirements:

All travelers are advised to ensure that tetanus and polio vaccinations are kept up to date. Recommendations do change from time to time and it is important to discuss your personal requirements with your doctor.

Top Attractions

  • Enjoy a relaxing day at the popular Kuta Beach.
  • View the giant statue of the God Vishnu on the Unggasan Hill.
  • Settle into the perfect evening on a Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise.
  • View vibrant contemporary art at Kendra Gallery.
  • Discover the beautiful Besakih Temple, situated on the slopes of Mount Agung.
  • Experience an elephant safari at the Bali Elephant Safari Park.
  • Spend the day at Bali Safari & Marine Park – Bali’s largest animal theme park.
  • View the Taman Kertha Gosa also known as the Island Garden.
  • Discover ancient relics at the Museum Puri Lukisan.
  • Explore the an extensive collection of trees and flowers at the Bali Botanical Gardens.
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